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The Robin.

Love is trusting someone enough to tell them what is bothering you.

How I Met Your Mother S08E02

Thing is, I plan on being with you for a long time. You okay with that?

How I met your Barney :3

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But, damn it.. what if?

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“What we know about the Mother.”

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  • Barney: So this was fun, can I call you, or...?
  • Nora: Barney, you're funny, handsome, and really quite clever. But you're also a sociopath.
  • Barney: Well, I count three pros and one con, so...
  • Nora: How do you still think you have a chance with me?
  • Barney: Because you sat here all night, you could've left away but you didn't. Look, Nora, all those lies.. that's the old me. But I swear to you, I am trying to change. You.. make me want to change.
  • Nora: How do I know that's not a lie?
  • Barney: I'll prove it. I will prove how serious I am. I will not leave this diner until I get a second date with you.
  • Nora: Goodbye, Barney.
  • __
  • I <3 it when Barney is being nice and sweet! And.. this kind of make me miss the feeling of being fight for.

Forget Jack and Sally. Let’s be Marshall and Lilly.

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Well-Deserved Recognition of the Day: Neil Patrick Harries need wait no longer to be recognized as an entertainment industry legend: The How I Met Your Mother star was inducted today into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His star was appropriately placed outside an iconic Hollywood dive bar. “As much of an honor as this is, unfortunately, it won’t be the first time I’ve been plastered on the sidewalk in front of the Frolic Room,” quipped a suited-up NPH.

His partner David Burtka was on hand to dole out a post-ceremony hug.

[eonline / wow.] 

Congrats to NPH in his star!

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Of Course

B: Hey

R: Hey. Barney what’s up? Thought you were, um, going on some big date.

B: Robin, i know you’re up set

R: What? no. I-I-I have.. I’ve never been happier. And-and this anita sounds lovely. I’m so glad that you two just…randomly happened to find each other. It just warms my frickin’ heart.

*continuing shooting gun emotionally*

B: So, you sure you’re not upset?

R: Of course I’m upset, Barney! Don’t you see how constantly talking about your conquests makes me feel like I’m just another number to you?

B: But you’re not just another number to me.

R: You know, and-and now, you’re taking anita, who you barely know, on this amazing date when I never got treated that way. It just.. it just sucks, that’s all. It just sucks.

B: Wow. I knew I was bad at being a boyfriend, but I had no idea I’d be so much worse at being an ex-boyfriend. I’m sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?

R: Nothing barney, you’ve-you’ve already prove that I’m not important to you.

B: Stop that I’m serious.